Other Products

We also provide our mobile customers with a number of other related products.


Mobile Accessories

We stock a wide range of mobile accessories, including chargers, cases, screen-protectors and sync cables. Whatever you need for your mobile or tablet we can supply it.

In-Car Solutions

We have an ‘in-house’ specialist who can install a range of hands-free in car solutions to your company vehicles. These range from simple blue-tooth speakers to fully integrated iPhone/iPod entertainment solutions. For your convenience, this can be carried out on your premises at a time that suits your business.

Signal Boosters

We have a number of solutions that could help. These range from broadband solutions that plug into your router, such as ‘Vodafone Sure Signal’ & ‘O2 Boostbox’, to aerial based technology that can be attached to your building.

Mobile Device Management

  • A live and constantly updated inventory on your users
  • Ability to track devices in real-time
  • Control and push content to specific handsets
  • Remote wipe lost/stolen devices


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