Call Management

Our call management solutions will show you exactly who called and when, and who and where you have called. This information can be viewed on an extension or department basis. Monitoring the number of calls will allow you to optimise the lines required and avoid missed calls.

Call recording can be used for monitoring quality for training purposes, as well as dispute
resolution and protecting your business. Our systems are compliant with official bodies including the FCA.




  • Monitor phone usage
  • Keep a check on call costs
  • Avoid engaged lines
  • Return missed calls
  • Identify when and where calls are coming from
  • Display call stats on a wallboard
  • Improve customer service
  • Email call recordings

Upgrade your Care Levels

Faults are an unwelcome occurrence, but due to the nature of BT’s legacy copper network, they are not uncommon.

Speak to us about enhancing the Care Level on your lines to improve the response times offered by Openreach in the event of a line fault.


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